1 1 1 1 A newly set Art Foundation at Palazzetto Pisani for the most refined events Contrasting "aggressive" mass tourism, as defined, with a high-level cultural offering: this is the purpose of the Foundation of the Arts, a new Club that has its headquarters in Palazzetto Pisani in San Marco. The official presentation is for the 24th and 25th of June, but on 11th May, at the Biennale vernissage, a preview is expected from 11am to 3:30 pm and then, by appointment, from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

President and Artistic Director of the Foundation is Olivier Lexa, a constant presence in Venice where he has created the Venetian Center for Baroque Music, active since 2010. It is flanked by Viola Romoli, a New York gallery artist who collaborated with the Guggenheim Foundation for New York, Bilbao and Venice. The management will lean on the advice of an international consultative committee, formed by protagonists in the cultural and entrepreneurial sphere, and led by Alice Tibaldi Church.

Internationality on the one hand and valorization of the traditions of the Serenissima, a meeting place for cultures all over the world, on the other. Rediscovering ancient values ‚Äč‚Äčthat reaffirm the identity of this unique place in the world. Not nostalgic, but to plan a new future. To do this, the Foundation of the Arts sets itself as a point of reference for Venetians and not, selecting the most significant events, outside of a commercial logic. At the same time it intends to promote inter -personal relationships in order to create a virtuous circle. It also proposes to facilitate the adherence to the various events with a range of services made available to members, such as priority access to vernissage, concerts, and facilities with regard to discounts. Particular emphasis is placed on the reception capacity. For the future, it is not excluded that the Foundation can become a promoter of cultural events in person. In the meantime, it sets itself as a high-level network institution.
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