1 1 1 1 AAA: the Estonian Art Museum of Talling is on the lookout for Konrad Mägi's work in Venice/Veneto There were, between Venice and the Veneto, unknown works by Konrad Mägi. The Embassy of the Estonian Republic in Rome has launched an appeal together and on behalf of the Estonian Art Museum in Tallinn, Estonia's capital. Next October, in conjunction with the start of the EU Presidency Semester of the European Union, The Eesti Kunstimuuseum - Estonian Art Museum of Tallinn and the Embassy of Estonia in Italy,at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, will present the first extensive retrospective on Konrad Vilhelm Mägi (1878-1925), the major Estonian painter of the XX century. For the Italian audience Mägi will be a fascinating discovery because this artist, singular for personal stories and his painting, is certainly among the protagonists of European art in the fateful twenty years around the First World War. Why is this research? "Because," explains Celia Kuningas-Saagpakk, Ambassador of the Estonian Republic in Italy, "we are convinced that there are still works in our private house in Veneto. They may be ignored and abandoned. Our National Museum is cataloging all the work of Mägi and is therefore interested in completing this heritage by finding out and taking care of the yet unknown works". The canvases will obviously remain in the hands of the possessors. What this "treasure hunt" aims to is to know them and if they need care, they can be restored. The restoration is, of course, in full force from Estonia, which in return may ask to give it to the National Gallery of Rome to be included in the great exhibition in October. "Whoever has a canvas of Magi is invited to report its presence by sending an image At email embassy.rome@mfa.ee (tel 06 844 075 10)". Tallin Museum experts will study the image and any documentation, and if they recognize the paternity to the master, they will, if necessary, provide for the preservation.  
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