1 1 1 1 Accademia Galleries, the new restoration of the historical part sets off Finally, the restoration of the historic part of the Accademia Galleries, after a long wait, is about to start. Concluding the restructuring of the new wing in the former convent of Charity - although not yet the complete redeployment of collections - the project will now work on the first floor, taking advantage of the approximately 9 million euros already allocated by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage for intervention. Only 7 would be enough actually, using the rest of the funds to continue collecting the ground floor collections. The director of the Galleries, Paola Marini, confirmed yesterday the next kick start, which preserves Carlo Scarpa's work and will be maintained. It is also thought to make small modifications to the project, enhancing the original Scarpa outfits and at the same time contemplating a space for rotating exhibits of his drawings.

Carlo Scarpa's rearranging of the Academy's galleries was completed between 1945 and 1960, at various stages, and remained essentially unchanged until today. This second, non-stop tranche of restoration work should last about two years; the museum, however, will not be closed and will work on shifts, closing rooms from time to time and moving the works to others. For this reason, it will be essential to have the new wing on the ground floor in the spaces of the former convent of Charity first occupied by the Academy of Fine Arts and now reserved for temporary exhibitions and partly reorganized at the museum level with the halls dedicated to the seventeenth century and partly In the eighteenth century.

The ground floor will also become the "clearing room" of the museum, where temporary items will be exhibited from the top floor, pending the final reconstruction of this part of the picture gallery, for which resources have already been stocked, about 1 million euros. The modernisation of the plants and the functional adaptation will be carried out together with other interventions that are also necessary because the ground floor work for the new wing of the picture galleries - especially for that part which also covered the foundations, since the technological installations are stuck in the Palladian courtyard - they also led to the opening up of cracks and dropped into the walls. In fact, in the basement there are the technological centers of the new plants.

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