1 1 1 1 An emotional voyage in Venice with the photographs of Anna Zanella Promoted by FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano, Delegazione di Venezia (The National Trust of Italy, Venice delegation) in collaboration with Associazione Piazza San Marco and Venice IUAV Architecture University Curated by We are here Venice.
Exhibitions, publications and discussions to explore the life of Piazza San Marco, within the project ‘Aqua Granda 1966 - 2016’ of the City of Venice Given its commitment to environmental issues, the FAI in collaboration with Associazione Piazza San Marco and the NGO We Are Here Venice, is part of a set of initiatives coordinated by the City of Venice to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the great flood of 4th November 1966, with the project “L’acqua e la Piazza”, dedicated to Francesco Valcanover. The project has been developed and curated by We Are Here Venice. Instead of revisiting the dramatic days of the great flood, “L’acqua e la Piazza” tells a story with many voices about the relationship between Venetians, the water and the heart of the city, Piazza San Marco. The Piazza is presented as a place for the people, full of values and meanings, combining the life that goes on in the area with its primary elements, water and stone, and with the memory that runs through its monumental heritage. An analysis of the Piazza’s daily life also highlights a place that suffers from more and more flooding, prompting reflections about its future. The project revolves around the Olivetti Showroom, managed by FAI, and also involves several other locations in the area surrounding Piazza San Marco.
Return to the Piazza Photography exhibition by Anna Zemella The exhibition in the FAI Olivetti Showroom is an emotional journey of re-appropriation of the Piazza as an integral part of the city, rather than a specific descriptive exercise. Piazza San Marco is presented through an intimate conversation with the stones, the stories of the ancient statues, the spread of the tide, where water is an element linked to the life of Venice and a relationship of harmonious coexistence. The exhibition is split into two sections: Water and Stone; Ancient Figures 

Negozio Olivetti
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