1 1 1 1 Aporetic Dialogues at the Guggenheim Collection 6 April 2016

In philosophy, “aporetic dialogue” refers to the difficulty and uncertainty incurred by reason when faced by two opposite arguments both of which are possible and often irreconcilable. Aporetic dialogue occurs frequently in art: artists who live in the same epoch, who breathe the same cultural aura, who are nourished by that humus constituted by literature and music, but who embark on surprisingly different careers. Not by chance, the philosopher Giorgio Agamben has, solely for the world of art, formulated one of the best definitions for this, captured in the concept of “vice-versa”.
In these meetings we will savor the marvel of such differences fused in the works of master painters and master sculptors, sometimes friends, sometimes colleagues in the same artistic movement, sometimes merely contemporaries of the same cultural period.

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