1 1 1 1 Art, 7th Cosua Award to Rocco Claudio Giannotti 2016 Starting from the end of the 1970s Maurizio Cosua (Ferrara 1943 – Venezia 2007) was one of the most interesting emerging young artists from the Foundation Bevilacqua La Masa.  Cosua always manifested in his art a seductive and transgressive visionary world, always in equilibrium between rigor and transgression, fantastic animals and geometric installations. He was always faithful to painting as his main artistic means but he contaminated his work with techniques and materials rather unusual for the traditional art world. The Maurizio Cosua (video-art) award goes this year to Rocco Giannotti, a young artist who studied at the Art Academy in Foggia, for the work “010”, where a seductive female figure appears as if she was dreamt about. The award, deprived of sponsors or any other form of financial support, is translated into the exhibition celebrating Cosua’s work and this year’s winner through a two-week exhibition at the Fabbrica del Vedere, Cannaregio, Calle del Forno 3857.    

Fabbrica del Vedere
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