1 1 1 1 Art Night Venice Saturday 18 June 2016 Saturday June 18 2016 the sixth edition of "Art Night Venezia, cultural initiative of the 'University Ca' Foscari, Venice.Art night the magical night of art conceived and coordinated by the University Ca 'Foscari University of Venice in collaboration with the Municipality of Venice.Art Night proposes to Ca 'Foscari University and throughout the city a particularly rich program with exhibitions, workshops for children and many other exciting initiatives. In the courtyard of the university, also, it is awaiting a special performance. For one night, the 18 June, the city changes face becoming an exciting place, vital and stimulating. The river of young people "Art Night" polarizes will expand throughout the city. Squares and streets that night empty, for "Art Night" will return to be filled, to live, thanks to the fresh sap of people and ideas. Information: T: 041 23466223 6227-F: 0412346210 Hours: from 18 until about one o'clock. Admission: free for all participating locations during the hours of the event.

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