1 1 1 1 Art's Connection: contemporary art meets glass craftsmanship in Venice and its islands Contemporary art meets with Murano glass through exhibitions, performances, tales, poems, books (many books), but also aperitifs, parades, dances, between Murano, Venice, Giudecca and Lido. Until 4th June, Art's Connection, the Glass Festival, will side an already art bursting city; born five years ago from the determination of Lisette Caputo "to create a winning network between associations, public and private, to support a great Venetian tradition of which we are proud", as emphasized by Venice's Tourism Assessor Paola Mar. The project involves museums, palaces, and historic hotels; the Glass Museum, the Jewish Museum and Palazzo Grimani will join Garden Art Space, Ausonia and Hungaria Hotel Art Space and Belmond Cipriani Granai to host a sixteen-day event in which 50 artists, writers, craftsmen and musicians will perform within a programme made of 23 appointments. The goal is to promote the art of glass by meeting artists, artisans, entrepreneurs and at the same time promoting resilience and respect for those who are committed to the revival of Murano glass. Not the big glassworks, but the glassmasters, artisans who meet artists and make contemporary art together. As with Slow Food, the intention is to create a Slow Glass brand.

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