1 1 1 1 At the Venice Institute of Architecture notebooks from the world for the reconstruction of Syria “Sketch for Syria” is a call to all the architects of the world to imagine, trace and share possible scenarios for the reconstruction process of Syria. It is now an exhibition on show until 24 february at the IUAV University in Venice which distributed sketchbooks all over, and 132 architects from 26 nations answered.

Of the 132 sketchbooks, 52 came directly from Syrian cities: Damascus, Aleppo, Hama, Latakia and Tartus showing their peaceful strength of architecture. Many architects have left a mark: retracing past or imaginary travels, tracing hypothesis about the future, thinking about the drama of refugees and migrants, choosing artistic provocation, transforming their pencils in peaceful weapons.

With this initiative, launched in July 2016, the IUAV confirms its ethic commitment, following other efforts in favour of Syria: the Tribute of Venice to Palmyra, dedicated to the archaeologist Khaled Al Asaad; the “Urbicide Syria/Postwar Reconstruction” conference with the most important international experts of architecture, art and archaeology in Syria; the drafting and sharing of the Venice Charter on Reconstruction; and the agreement signed on July 14th with UN-ESCWA, the UN Agency in charge of drafting the agenda for the reconstruction of Syria. 

Sketch for Syria
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