1 1 1 1 Castelli di Sabbia - Selected works by Franco Scuderi from the '60s to nowadays 25 September - 26 October 2014

Curated by Roberta Semeraro

The artistic itinerary of Franco Scuderi (Torino 1945), from an initial starting point in the mid sixties with figurative painting, passed through a period marked by the geometric rigidity of his shapes, to arrive at the plasticity of three-dimensional compositions with the People, which also coincided with his first trip to the United States. Steel, aluminium, wood and marble are materials apreciated by him and with them and on them he gives structure to his ideas and his thinking with abstraits and geometricals form.

After studying at the Academy of Arts in Florence he began to work with metal and it was only later in this career that he would return to woodcarving.
Between the seventies and the eighties he presented himself as an outright socially active intellectual, ready to explore different artistic languages. He also founded the independent theatre Castelli di sabbia (Castles of Sand) in Florence and ran a cultural centre in a 15th century chapel.

His art moves between different extremes; the rational thought that controls the execution of his work, his social motivation which establishes the scope and spontaneous impulse that lends it life.

About ten years ago the artist, who travelled the world, bringing his miniature sculptures with him enclosed in boxes, as if they were the cases of a travelling salesman, returned to live in Florence. Behind the seeming playful aspect of his work, there lies, in fact, a strong commitment to art.  Scuderi understands that the collective sense of things cannot be ignored. His people find their raison d’être only in choral expression when they move in harmony to compose works which are the things of dreams. Dreams that are denied to men by the multitude of Pinocchios aligned on the political scene, the same inescapable black box on which our destiny is written.

Free entrance

Opening: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Officina alle Zattere
Fondamenta Nani, Dorsoduro 947
30123 – Venezia
telefono +39 041 5234 348

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