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From 4 april to 11 mai, at Officina delle Zattere opens the exhibition “Viaggio del cuore, Rotta Napoli-Istanbul” of Caterina De Fusco, which comprehends both the omonymous video and some photos taken during the trips made by the artist for the realisation of her project. 

Caterina De Fusco has two souls: a Neapolitan one and a Universal one.
Her Neapolitan soul is the one she carries with her at all times, in her deep eyes and in her refined and nimble intelligence.Her photography is the result of her extraordinary ability to connect sudden vision with culture.

Her exhilarating photographs are free of excessive technical superfluity – ushering us to the discovery of the world she perceives and to her beautiful soul as well as her sense of wonder, which is the true flavour of intelligence.“Viaggio del cuore, Rotta Napoli-Istanbul” (The Journey of the Heart, Naples-Istanbul route) is also proof of her photographic and intellectual artistry.
What is it that connects these two seemingly distant worlds?A deep historical-cultural bond that I would even define as poetic.Colours, shapes, dances, deities and people come together in front of our eyes to reconstruct the visual chaos of our memory with elegance and far-reaching poetry.
What better choice than Venice, a cosmopolitan city by definition, to host an exhibit that builds bridges between people and places – all descending from the Greco-Roman culture but blended with voices from every corner of the world.Turning the pages of this album of photographs is a joy and an immense emotion.Her photos are astonishing when viewed one by one but they become even more compelling when presented as a collection that is almost mosaic.

It is not a simple souvenir of places, but a genuine machine for dreaming and creating parallels and overlapping images that will not be soon forgotten.Brava Caterina!”

The curator of the exhibition is Giovanni Gastel.

Vernissage 4 april at 6 p.m.
From 5 april to 11 mai: open from tursday to sunday, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Free entrance

Officina delle Zattere, Fondamenta Nani, Dorsoduro 947, Venezia

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