1 1 1 1 Composer Giovanni Mancuso at the Hotel Londra Palace Thursday 6th April "The Living Impromptu" at the Hotel Londra Palace is ready to welcome Thursday 6th April at 7p.m. the only Venetian artist of this edition. It is the musician and composer Giovanni Mancuso, beloved in his hometown, a veteran of the great success of the work "The Return of Chironomadi", staged last year at the Teatro La Fenice. But known and appreciated, with its numerous projects in Europe and elsewhere: among many awards, Biennale of Young Artists of Mediterranean Europe (Lisbon, 1994), Grieg Memorial Competition (Oslo 1995), Rockefeller Foundation (New York 2003) , European Association for Jewish Culture (London-Paris) 2003 Grant Award. In line with the format of the exhibition "The Living Impromptu", Giovanni Mancuso will answer questions and curiosities of the audience through the moderator, the musicologist Veniero Rizzardi, curator of the event along with Enrico Bettinello. Also, Mancuso will play an improvised and unpublished piece. He has, in fact, accepted the challenge from the Hotel: performing in the place where Tchaicovsky was inspired to compose his Fourth Symphony, he was asked to take inspiration from any work of the Russian composer to perform his own free piece.

Free admission by reservation (press@londrapalace.com or call 3496393917)
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