1 1 1 1 Elisabetta Di Maggio "Almost Transparent Nature" at the Querini Stampalia Foundation The Fondazione Querini Stampalia and Krizia are pleased to announce the solo show of Elisabetta Di Maggio "Almost Transparent Nature".

Curated by Chiara Bertola, the exhibition will be in the museum space of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia  from 9 May to 24 September 2017, during the 57th Venice Biennale.

Elisabetta Di Maggio has spent a lot of time in the Querini Stampalia space/museum to create her site-specific project. "Almost Transparent Nature" is spread throughout the museum space from the Portico – the place reserved to the public inside the Venetian palace – to the series of private rooms which lie beyond the entrance corridor.

In the Museum Portego, the artist’s work invades the space and creates a relationship with past and present time, placing the viewer inside a visual alienation.In her work in the museum, Elisabetta Di Maggio wanted to enter the “secret” room behind the boudoir, just beyond the bedroom, and include this intimate and private space in her project.

Elisabetta Di Maggio repeats the rite of life and its inexorable spread both in the large paper surfaces and in the fragile leaves.As the artist says: “I have based my research on the concept of time inflected in all its forms, to the extent that I have made time itself the real substance of my work.”

As always for the artist, the manual gesture is a fundamental part of the work itself, capable of conjoining an artisanal tradition, which has been passed down to us and which has contributed to rendering places unique, with a lengthy creation time, which is an essential and conceptual condition for her. The project is in association with T Fondaco dei Tedeschi — DFS and Laura Bulian Gallery

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