1 1 1 1 ESTETICA DEL CAOS. ORDINE ED IMMAGINAZIONE - Enzo Bergamo 4 april - 11 may 2014

Renzo Bergamo guides us towards another world, however, it is not as unfamiliar as might seem. He reveals to us his visible and visionary understanding of Chaos in the universe.
His paintings do not deal with forms or objects. There is no imitation of experience.
His Art deals with existence, air, light, colour, directions and this is reflected in the layout of the exhibition. Diagonals that dissect the spaces, new directional perspectives, intimate lighting that welcome the visitor in an environment that could be defined as mental, even oneiric.Bergamo uses light to sculpture spaces, limited only by the surrounding frame.
Colour gives volume to the canvas but it is subtle not obvious. It is not like a cloud by Guercino, wooly and sculpturesque but is more a windswept Tiepolo sky that seems to change even as we observe it. It is an opinion, a condition.
It is something that exists, now, in this instant. And then it will no longer be the same.
It is the ‘instant’, the moment frozen in a flash of expressed emotions.
It is not by chance that Renzo Bergamo signed many of his works on all sides. If the paintings are turned you are in a different world, a different experience.
Seemingly different. Different yet the same.
Exactly like the idea of nature. Exactly like an intimate emotion that belongs to us yet escapes from us at the same time.

To know more about his works:

http://www.renzobergamo.com/ />

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