1 1 1 1 Forte Marghera: a dialogue between space, light and sculpture From stockpiles of abandoned raw materials to space dedicated to modern art. The step is far from short but significant and a few days ago it gave the city the realization of such an ambitious and quality project, incorporating contemporary creativity into the historic context of Forte Marghera. A contrast that once more demonstrates how far away places can embrace modern artistic offerings. Forte Marghera's commodity deposits are rebuilt by ropes and mortars, showing in all their beauty the bricks and beams that characterize them. The wondrous games of lights and shadows, between natural and artificial, the iron, bronze and marble sculptures proposed by Muve Contemporaneo fit into perfection, filling the place and allowing a virtual, but not too much, journey time to the visitor. In the overflowing of presence in Fort Marghera, modern art encircles and illuminates an area that only demanded to be restored. And here's the work of Meunier, Bernard, Andreotti, Castagna, Basaldella, Pomodoro and Viani pointing to a new path to Forte Marghera, with The Family Group, this particular installation of Ca' Pesaro sculptures that finds its own home, ready only to be admired. The selection of the works has been done not only by evaluating the great importance, but also the dimensions, by creating a kind of dialogue between the various sculptures exposed. At number 30 of Forte Marghera the doors will remain open from Tuesday to Sunday from 3 pm to 6 pm, taking advantage of the evening hours, the sunset lights or the shining of the shapes in the contrast between the night and the reflections on the sculptures.  

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