1 1 1 1 Fortuny Palace - The Cadorin Bottega: A dynasty of Venetian artists Ida Cadorin, known professionally as Ida Barbarigo, lies at the centre of an exhibition around the Cadorin dynasty, now open at Palazzo Fortuny. An exhibition of a family collection as well as a fabric of references, contaminations, intersections of the lives and works of painters, sculptors, photographers, and restorers in late XIX and XX century Venice. The presence of the Cadorin in Venice dates back to the XVI century, though, when they moved from their native Cadore (an alpine territory in the northern Venetia, whence the family name) to Venice to emply their trade of woodcarvers. After alternate fotunes, Vincenzo Cadorin (1854-1925), a master woodcarver and a sculptor, turned the shop into a larger business emplyoing dozens of workers and soon enough Vincenzo's children: Ettore, Romeo, and the beautiful Ida. Splendid pieces of décor: tables, flower vases, pillars, chests, where feminine silhouettes show the best of art nouveau style. They participated regularly to the Biennale, where Queen Margherita was so impressed with their work that she commissioned Vincenzo the decoration of the Royal Family's private chapel. The most talented Cadorin was the youngest child, Guido (1892-1976), a painter, whose exhibited art includes landscapes, sketches for the décor of the Ambasciatori Hotel in Rome, photographs of teh interiors of Villa Papadopoli in Vittorio Veneto, and late pieces where artistic research and evolution are still apparent. To his wife Liva Tivoli (1889-1972) is dedicated an intimate, delicate hall with flowers, trees, and small coloured landscapes, which he painted before his interest focussed on children Ida and Paolo. The story then goes on with the younger generations.

Until 27th March 2017. 

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