1 1 1 1 From Poussin to Cézanne: the Masters' intimate side at the Correr Museum Drawing is one of the highest expressions that an artist can leave as evidence of his work. Clean, incisive, rich in detail or, conversely, quick, spontaneous, uncontrollable, the drawing is the artist's most intimate diary that, thanks to the freedom that this technique allows, right at its immediacy relies the most authentic moods of creativity.

The drawing is therefore a key part of the creative production of the work of art, suitable to express an idea in an immediate and concise way. Real masterpieces on paper, part of a great number of highly refined sheets in pencil, ink, watercolor, are the protagonists of a new and precious exhibition that opens at the Correr Museum on 18th March.

On exhibition, one of the most important private French collections, the Prat Collection, which offers the public a comprehensive and articulated overview of French painting from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries, from Poussin to Cézanne.

Curated by Pierre Rosenberg, former director of the Louvre and the highest authority in the field of French painting of the period, the exhibition is co-produced by the Civic Museums Foundation of Venice and the Fondation Bemberg Toulouse, with the Alliance Française-Venezia support.

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