1 1 1 1 Genius friend: Feminism and art with Peggy and Rita Kernn-Larsen Cobalt blue walls for a new space at Peggy Guggenheim Collecion in Venice. The Project Rooms are a splash into the sea, an intense, swift raid into the life of an artist whose identity must show a relationship with the American collector. Hence, a first testimony of this artistic liaison: Peggy's life, a life of art and artists, meets Rita Kernn-Larsen's in Paris in 1937; in 1938 Peggy invites Rita to her London gallery Guggenheim Jeune for a personal exhibition that marks the start of Peggy's carreer with surrealism. Seven paintings, now in Venice, show the very personal parable of the Danish artist. Surrealist, revolutionary, visionary language, and soft, adumbrate shapes. Real images merge with subconscious ones, making one of dream and memory

Until 26 June at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection
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