1 1 1 1 Giancarlo De Carlo: Unseen works at the Iuav After Carlo Scarpa, the University Institute of Architecture celebrates the 90th birth anniversary of Giancarlo De Carlo, a town planner and professor at Iuav from 1955 till 1983. He was always a passionate protagonist of architecture's state-of-the-art- debate on a national and international level. In Venice he designed the "Unfinished", a structure belonging to Lido's beach resort Blue Moon. The structure was not completed according to the project and he remained very disappointed about it. Not only Lido: the council houses in Mazzorbo is testimony to a vision of public housing that remains a lesson in architecture as an example of good practice. 
Until 11 January 2017, Three exhibitions, held at the Tolentini and Cotonificio seats of the Iuav. "Unpublished sketches" gathers his private drawings, writings and notes on research and ideas; "Shapes of correspondence. Drawings and Photographs" shows original drawings belonging to important works (the university college of Urbino or the Matteotti village, the result of a participatory process); lastly, "The Project's Workshop", showcases a lot of scale models for the first time showed to the public after their restoration.

All material, except the private objects and memorabilia, belong to the Projects Archive of the Iuav.

Giancarlo De Carlo Iuav exhibition
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