1 1 1 1 Giotto as you have never seen it before at the Misericordia Church until 5 November 2017 At the Church of Misericordia in Venice a multimedia experience on artist's works has just opened to the public and can be visited until 5 November. Close-up views, the voice of Luca Zingaretti but the masterpieces are projections. Here's Giotto as you have never seen it and where you have never imagined it; three-dimensional, with a palm of nose, in front, behind, on the side, and magnified to return, one by one the paws of hens of Gioacchino, the haircuts of St. Francis of Assisi and all the pain of the tears of Christ. Giotto lands in Venice, in the spaces of the Great School of the Misericordia, "Magister Giotto", a lavish tribute to the Tuscan painter for the 750th anniversary of his birth, between exhibition and performance, that is, without any tangible work but with all his famous works in virtual format, explained by Luca Zingaretti's voice, accompanied by Paolo Fresu's soundtrack, reworked to the computer and projected onto the large screen of seven environments made with a special textile architecture. Here is Giotto without Giotto, in the city of Carpaccio and Tintoretto; Giotto at the time of 3D, thrust technology, presumed art, 1: 1 scale that takes away the distance; the artwoks removed from the Chapel of the Scrovegni, from the thick walls of the Assisi basilica, the Uffizi and, with a temporal-geographical jumble of unclear understanding, transported to the heart of Cannaregio. An event that emphasizes the importance of technology applied to the art culture, conceived by Cose Belle d'Italia Entertainment, which will land in Japan, after Venice. What is more, contemporary language, with the poetry of Giotto of the Franciscan stories of Assisi, with its deep compassion in the majestic Crocefissi, with the melancholy of the Madonnas, with its caresses, the grace of the draperies, the brilliance of the colors visible from afar, is an experiential visit possible until November 5 (18€ full ticket 16€ reduced for 52 minutes of visit with earphones, groups of 20 people at a time). The exhibition, which is part of the Magister trilogy, (in the next two years will be dedicated to Canova and Raffaello) also returns the artist's features from youth to old age thanks to computer processing.

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