1 1 1 1 Giovanni Bellini's 500th Un capolavoro per Venezia (A Masterpiece for Venice) is a project to bring (back) to Venice a great piece of art of the golden age of Venetian painting from major European museums. The first such piece is the Drunkennes of Noah, likely Bellini's latest work of around 1515. The masterpiece is a reference point for the reconstruction of the final years of Bellini's career, 500 years after his death.(in the photo: detail).
Within the Venetian churches network Chorus, another famous masterpiece by Bellini can be permanently admired at the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari
(http://www.chorusvenezia.org/basilica-di-santa-maria-gloriosa-dei-frari): Madonna and Son (Enthroned) With Saint Nicholas and Peter, Saint Mark and Benedict (http://www.chorusvenezia.org/basilica-di-santa-maria-gloriosa-dei-frari): The work, dated 1488, was commissioned by the Pesaro family for their own chapel, in the sacresty's apsis and collocated here 10 years after its being commissioned
The tryptich is signed and dated Joannes Bellinus f. 1488. 

Until 18 June 2016 at Correr Museum, St. Mark's Square
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