1 1 1 1 Goldoni Experience -a picture of venice until the 2nd of november

An close-knit cast of experienced, enthusiastic Venetian actors.
A set design by unforgettable Emanuele Luzzati made up of a main backdrop and smaller painted canvas backdrops animated by Federico Cautero’s new visual and stage design, where the actors move in Stefano Nicolao’s costumes along the notes of Massimiliano Forza’s music and Fabio Valdemarin’s musical arrangement.
A highly original show that combines several plays by Goldoni with a narrative structure allowing the audience to enter and exit the twists and turns of several plots following a unified path.

The play imagines the last day spent in Venice by Carlo Goldoni (the young Anzoletto) before leaving for France.
It is the last day of the Carnival, the last day of festivities.
Anzoletto looks on, a bemused spectator and initiator of the Carnival games, at the disguises, the pranks, the ploys of the maids, the courtships, the carousals, the vibrant vitality of Venice during the carnival that sparks amazement in the eyes of travellers from all corners of the world.
Venice the cosmopolitan city, a city of coffee houses, games and entertainment but also a den of iniquity and deception.
Venice city on water, where life and theatre are so inextricably blended as to make everything become possible.
Venice during the festivities, animated by the “morbin”, the irresistible desire for fun.
Small tableaus of everyday life at home or in “campo”, the Venetian square.
Morsels of dialogue, scenes of deception and jealousy among lovers, gossip, rumours, tricks and misunderstandings: a true kaleidoscope rendered with elegance and zest.
A showcase of Goldonian types and characters.
A display of Goldoni’s subtle satire and his ability to reinvent the minutiae of everyday life, selecting and representing it in a keen, refined playwriting style.

A dutiful tribute by Venice and the Teatro Stabile del Veneto to an author so deeply attached to the “intimate sincerity of theatre” and to the “World’s truth” that he transformed the scene into a clear mirror where every face finds its truth and every character from his world and time finds his echo.oming Soon

Goldoni Experience is a project deeply desired the Administration Counsil of Teatro Stabile del Veneto and it is born with the aim both of juice up the venetina summer and to give an high quality theatral production to a public not esclusively italian: the presence of subtitles, infact, is adress to internationals persons who want an in troduction to one of our most important italina playwriter. 
The show is part of the cultural proporses of Venise for the nex Expo 2015.

Partners of the project are Vela S.p.A. and caffè Florian.

During of the show: 90 min

Seats are not numbered; the theatre has a system of air conditioning.

Prices (includes an aperitif at the end of the performance): full 35 € - reduce 30 € - family 35 € + 1 € (adult + son until 18 years old). 

Times: Tuersdays at 19.00 - Fridays and Saturdays at 20.00

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