1 1 1 1 Goldoni's House opens the doors to the "Carnoval" colours Once again Venice's Civic Museums Foundation and the Goldoni House present a very rich and articulated cultural offer.
Besides the traditional museum tour, at Ca' Centanni in San Tomà, ther will be a number of activities and initiatives that hope to catch the attention of new visitors and frequent visitors to the House. There will be conferences, lectures, events, plays.

In the month of February especially Goldoni's House will be rich of suggestions, the "Carnoval" period being the event that more than anything else links Goldoni to the city of Venice.

During the year the 150th birth anniversary of the writer and dramaturge, Nobel Peace Laureate Luigi Pirandello, to whom the event at 17,30 today is dedicated.

February's programme is as follows:

- 8 February, 5pm: "The theater's library";

- 14 February, 5.30pm: "Cupid" for the "Teatro in bottega" byMattia Berto e Giorgia Chinellato;

- 22,23 e 24 February at 7pm and at 9pm "Me Anzoleto" by Marco Gnaccolini directed by Mattia Berto;

- 26 February at 4pm "Women and Carnival" "Le Marie: Modus Vivendi" with  Maria Grazia Bortolato e Lisa La Pietra.

- 28 Febbruary at 5.30pm "Meetings on STage": Paolo Puppa reads Pirandello , that is the novel on stage: "Ms Frolaand Mr Ponza, their son-in-law that became "This is it if you think so".

Carlo Goldoni's House
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