1 1 1 1 In the Misericordia Church the sound on water becomes work of art The sound becomes a work of art. In the Misericordia church, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th March, a sound installation composed of four large sculptures that will discover the form of sound will be the star attraction. 

The artist and sound designer Francesco Pellisari will in fact exhibit his latest work, in which water and sound come together to create a new experience for the visitor.

During the two-day exhibition, designers, musicians and experts of international sound will discuss the evolution of sound in art, architecture and industrial products. The initiative of Venetian society  Valorizzazioni Culturali stems from a research project conducted by Francesco Pellisari for over twenty years and from which a series of sound sculptures that make up today's most wanted collectable objects for lovers of the theme came to life.

The debate focused on the qualities of the natural sound; a sound in which there are no coherent waves, similar to those of frontal projections issued by the common technological devices but only non-coherent waves spreading in omnidirectional mode.

The highlight of the two days will be made up of the commissioning of the recent performance of the Omnia project by Francesco Pellisari. The spectacular installation consists of four large ceramic sound sculptures, suspended in the arches of the Venetian church, on a surface of water, placed in subtle vibration from the sound emitted.

Valorizzazioni Culturali
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