1 1 1 1 In the Name of Mariano at Palazzo Fortuny Investigations on contemporary art collection

When snow will melt, where will the White go?

So translates the name of Palazzo Fortuny's latest exhibition, taken after a piece by Rèmy Zaugg (1943-2005), a Swiss conceptual artist whose works are also exhibited. Zaugg was an acute interpreter of contemporary culture, especially of the perception of space and architecture. The exhibition is based on the research that follows the question "How did the figure of the artist collector evolve?".
Palazzo Fortuny's vocation has always been after a multi-disciplinary approach, which Mariano Fortuny appreciated in all his artistic endeavours. The investigation of art collection falls perfectly within the scopes of Fortuny's mysterious visual identity. But the first act of a long-term project on art collections, the exhibition, curated by Eric Mezil and Lorenzo Paini, includes art from Enea Righi Collection. The spaces and the story of Palazzo Fortuny are also an integral part of the exhibition, where each floor is a photograph of our time. Artists of the 1960s - Alighiero Boetti, Daniel Buren, Lawrence Weiner, Enzo Mari, Rèmy Zaugg, and several others - are the one end of a dialogue with interpreters of contemporary art - Douglas Gordon, Roni Horn, Philippe Parreno, etc - on architecture, performance, body and vacuum.
Until 10 October 2016, Palazzo Fortuny, San Marco 3958 

Quand Fondra la Neige, Où Ira Le Blanc
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