1 1 1 1 in(visible) cities: Antonio Girbés at the San Giorgio Abbey Artist and photographer Antonio Girbés's Refugios pays homage to the stunning architectures by Andrea Palladio, Pere Compte, Fritz Wotruba and Félix Candela, among others. Refugios is a site-specific installation at the Abbey of San Giorgio Maggiore consisting of thirteen images, where each is, though bi-dimensional, a passage to a world of impossible perspectives and unreal 3D effects. The exhibition is a continuation of Delirious City, Girbés earlier set of architecture photographs of a fantastic, timeless city where buildings of different periods coexist in an unprecedented way. The whole project revolves around the role of art and architecture as creators of beauty, where peace and serenity are the 'places' of refuge for humanity.

Antonio Girbés "Refugios" at San Giorgio Abbey until 31st August 2016
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