1 1 1 1 Interpreti Veneziani and the resauration of two major artworks in the oldest church in Venice (San Giacomo di Rialto) The baroque internationally-accaimed ensemble Interpreti Veneziani (www.interpretiveneziani.com) is happy to announce the restauration of two major art pieces (paintings) at the church of St. James of Rialto (the oldest church of Venice, also known as San Giacometo by the Venitians, waterbus stop Rialto/Mercato, line n.1). The more than a two-decade long collaboration with Chorus, the Church, and, in particular, the Confraternity of Mercy (established in the XVII century with its HQ in St. James's) has allowed for the on-going contribution of Interpreti Veneziani, to the preservation and restauration of the church. Two of the major paintings present in the Church, have now been restored and placed back in their original collocation: St. Francis receiving the stigmata (by Leonardo Gavagnin, XIX century), and St. Anthony of Padua, until recently attrubuted to the painter Gaetano Astolfoni (1845 c.a.) although recent research confirmed by the restauration works, has continued to attribute this painting to Leonardo Gavagnin. Interpreti Veneziani are happy to invite all Venetians and guests to visit St. James's church to visit these newly restored paintings and the permanent Vivaldi ancient-music instrument exhibition (Prof. Antonio Versari private collection). Opening times: Mon-Sat 09.00-19:00, Sundays 11:00-17:00.

The Church of Saint James of Rialto
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