1 1 1 1 Interpreti Veneziani in Japan: the 2016 tour confirms the prestige of the Venetian ensemble in the Far East
It took but moments for Interpreti Veneziani to announce, through its instruments, that its Japan Tour 2016 debut at Tokyo’s Italian Institute of Culture on Saturday 1st october 2016 (followed by the performances at the Kamakura Hall on 2nd , Ebina Hall on 3rd,  Machida’ Shimin Hall on 4th and finally Tokyo’s Ginza Yamaha Hall on 5th ) would be the confirmation of an outstanding and unforgettable event, and so it proved — again and again. In its sold-out tour, Interpreti Veneziani held the audience in such thrall that the entire series of concerts was received in utter silence, uninterrupted by a single cough, sneeze, dropped program or premature exit, so in this, and all senses of the word, the opening night of this year’s tour was simply a confirmation of the past editions success. Preceded by a reputation for "youthful exuberance and all-Italian brio", the Venetian ensemble, each member of which is a virtuoso in his own right, presented a fast-paced program of works by Vivaldi, Bach, Tartini, Leo, Scarlatti and Paganini, each of which was more beautiful and exhilarating than the last. From start to finish, this was a journey of extraordinary musicianship, where each work was addressed not only with freshness and clarity but also immense passion. At the final concert, a standing ovation bridged as an 'arrivederci' the departure of Interpreti Veneziani with an optimistic confirmation of next year's performances in Japan.

Interpreti Veneziani
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