1 1 1 1 Ippolito Caffi at the Correr Museum 20/5-20/11 2016 From 28 May to 20 November 2016, the Correr Museum in St. Mark’s Square hosts 150 works by the painter Ippolito Caffi (born in Belluno but and Venetian by “adoption”). The exhibition “Ippolito Caffi. Between Venice and the East 1809-1866) celebrates the most innovative XIX century Vedutist. Anticipating the statement of the French painter André Derain (in the XX century though) that “The paint substance is the light”, Ippolito Caffi is frequently associated to William Turner as a forefather of impressionism. Defined as “one of the greatest narrators of the Mediterranean urban geography”, the pictorial nucleus presents some canvasses that are a reminder of the personal “geography” of the artist, cities and places he had visited but also represented as a painter-reporter, very much politically active also during the physical battles on the ground, as in the moving “Bombardment of Marghera in the night of 25 May 1849”. With the fall of Venice he is forced into exile, travelling from Nice, Genoa and Paris. The exhibition excursus ends with his coming back to Venice and the nightly seductions of “Serenade in front of the St. Mark’s Piazzetta” or the “Serenade in St. Mark’s”, with those touches of colour that, far from Canaletto, are a bridge towards modernity.
(the pictures are details of the following works “Venice: The Molo at Sunset”, 1864, Oil on canvas 43×59 cm" and 
"Bombardment of Marghera in the Night of 25 May 1849")

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