1 1 1 1 Last chance to see "Light on Giovanni Bellini" at the Querini Stampalia Foundation (until 31st March) The Querini Stampalia Foundation has been partner in the project Light on Giovanni Bellini 500, promoted by the Museums of Veneto and Veneto Region, a collaboration that puts in this project's circuit churches, museums, and institutions custodians of the great artist's works in the fifth centenary of the artist's death. For the first time a cultural project combines such a large number of public and private organizations of the city of Venice and the Veneto. Giovanni Bellini (Venice c. 1430-1516), also known as Giambellino, is one of the leading innovators of Venetian painting by introducing in the lagoon the new Renaissance art and an artistic language that exceeds the local specificities, spreading nationwide. His breath is a painting in which the colour and light create an effect of new spatiality. Since this change in style of the art of Bellini the great Venetian painting really begins and is made of color and light, which is then continued by Giorgione and Titian. The deeper meaning of the project Light on Giovanni Bellini, is to celebrate the memory of this extraordinary painter and urge the public to know the artistic production, preserved in museums and in the many realities of the territory waiting to be explored and recognized thanks also the proposed original itineraries. A contemporary vision, which sees the museum as part of a larger and complex organisation, made up of relationships between the paintings and religious and civil buildings which were built, of links between the images and the significance of the sites. And the theme of a civil exercise that can feed the critical sense and the awareness of the citizen. The project had foreseen events, concerts, moments of depth, which help to explore the figure of this European art teacher. The detailed information is available on the website www.bellini500.org.

Light on Giovanni Bellini is also an opportunity to "bring light", in other words aims to allow for permanent innovation and enhancement works. In the coming months, some masterpieces by Bellini will be more accessible thanks to a new lighting project with the commitment of companies Targetti and Ettore Bertoldini Meccaniche. The first work was to have the new lighting system for "The Virgin and Child with Saints John Baptist, Francis, Jerome, Sebastian and the client kneeling before San Francesco della Vigna" in Venice.

Light on Giovanni Bellini is the result of a choral work that in addition to the Museums of the Veneto, the Veneto Region, the Querini Stampalia Foundation, involved the Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendency of Venice and Verona, the Regional Secretariat of National Heritage, the Ministry of cultural activities tourism of the Veneto, the Patriarchal Curia of Venice, the Accademia Gallery, the City of Venice with the Civic Museums Foundation, the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, the Grand Priory of Lombardy and Venice of the Sovereign Order of Malta, the 'Ulss 12 Venice, the City of Padua, Department of Culture - Municipal Museums, the city of Treviso, Department of Culture - Municipal Museums, the City of Verona, Department of Culture - Municipal Museum of Castelvecchio, the City of Vicenza, Department of Culture - Museo di Palazzo Chiericati and Santa Corona, the Academy of Concordi of Rovigo and the Fondazione Cassa di Padova and Rovigo Savings under the umbrella of the City of Veins aunt. Private parties who have richly contributed to the project: Coop Alliance 3.0 and Family MARSILLI. The entire project has the support and coordination of Fondaco Italy. 

Fondazione Querini Stampalia
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