1 1 1 1 Loris Cecchini's bright cobwebs at the Fontego dei Tedeschi The first impression is that of a luminous cobwebs suspended in the air that occupies harmoniously and entirely the space. It is an immersive installation made of about eight thousand polished steel elements set in one another, which Loris Cecchini (Milan, 1969), one of the most interesting Italian mid-generation artists, has put in place in the great hall of Pavilion events on the fourth floor of the historic Fondaco dei Tedeschi.
A building that was frescoed by Giorgione and Titian in 1510, can be interesting to remember, once the headquarters of Poste Italiane and now used as a luxury shopping center. It is in fact one of the most attractive side exhibitions of the Biennale d'Art, also because it can stimulate a reflection on the conception of sculpture and space in contemporary art.
The installation, titled "Waterbones", that is, bones of water, although made of metal, will remain open until November 27 and is cared for by Hervé Mikaeloff, which, as he explains in his presentation, forms a sort of "crossroads between sculpture, Architecture and organic dimension ". The constituent elements are in the shape of a bone, but their concatenation, designed to form a kind of spider web, forms an aerial and weightless sculpture that can establish a truly harmonious and fractured relationship with the environment. Realizing in some ways, one of the utopias of modern sculpture, which, as is known from the time of the "Sculpture of the Dead" by the great Arturo Martini, has completely abandoned the historical intentions of statuary to seek instead to obtain a new plastic autonomy And formal.
The operation of Loris Cecchini also reveals aspects that we could define conceptually because it can question, for example, naturalism - the bones of water made of metal, to say - and the same perception of space, which It is entirely and physically occupied by plastic work and, at the same time, entirely lived in the light.Google Traduttore per le aziende:Translator ToolkitTraduttore di siti web
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