1 1 1 1 Michael Nyman piano solo: a unique event at the Goldoni Theatre in Venice on 20th October The Piano Sings: music and video by Michael Nyman on Friday 20th Octobre 2017 at the Goldoni Theatre in Venice. The event, organised in collaboration with the City of Venice and the Teatro Stabile of Veneto, will see on stage the new project of the famous composer who, for the occasion, will accompany his piano music to the projection of some videos.


Michael Nyman is one of the most versatile and popular composers of his generation. He writes for lyrical organizations, cinemas, dance companies and theatre. In his piano programme, Nyman will perform many of the songs that have made him famous all over the world, including the ones composed for "The Piano Lessons", the soundtracks of "The White Lights", "Anna Frank's Diary", "Gattaca", "Wonderland", "Prospero's Book". The songs are almost all taken from his solo piano collections, The Piano Sings and The Piano Sings 2, published on his label MN Records. The videos are instead taken from the collection Cine Opera, a series of movies filmed by artist Michael Nyman during numerous trips to various parts of the world in the last twenty years. Born by an introspective journey and life experiences, this collection collects more than 45 movie recordings that document aspects of everyday life, casualties, or other circumstances that are selected by him. The collection looks like an in-depth study of our complex times and tries to reflect on the human condition at this beginning of the century. The movies fit the contents of everyday life and deliver us an unconventional but, at the same time, ruthlessly true view of the world we live in.


"When I started I did not plan to make movies or a book or photographs," the artist says. "It just happened because I was there, I had a video camera, my eyesight and a lot of curiosity, the visual diaries of a distracted but obstinate mind ".
Tickets are available online at  www.ticketone.it,  www.ticketone.it, or can be purchased directly at the Goldoni Theatre (ticket office: Monday to Saturday 10-1 p.m. and 3-6.30 p.m., tel. +39 041 2402011/2402017) 
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