1 1 1 1 Most Innovative International Student Award: a Londra premiato il creatore del violino in seta di ragno Luca Alessandrini Luca Alessandrini, a student from Italy, was crowned ‘London’s most innovative international student’ at a celebratory event in London yesterday 3 November. Luca beat off fierce competition from hundreds of other international students from 49 different countries to win the International Student Innovation Award.

A potential game changer in the music industry, Luca has created two violins made from silk and spider silk which could potentially replace the use of wood in the acoustic industry. A reproduction of a bass amplifier has also been built using silk and carbon fibre.  Luca said: “My project aims to offer a new technological approach that allows us to exploit the acoustic properties of materials as it has never been done before. Demonstrating the acoustic property of silk is just an example of the capabilities of this technology. This approach ended up being more sustainable than the use of wood and implementing lighter and cheaper materials.”

Born in in Urbino, Italy, Luca graduated with a distinction in the double MA/MSc in Innovation Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art (RCA) and Imperial College London in July 2016. The young researcher developed his violin prototype in collaboration with the Italian National Association of Artistic Violin-Makers. The Association's founder, Gualtiero Nicolini, got him in touch with 20 of the most famous violin-makers worldwide, and active in Cremona (and not by chance Stradivari's birth place).

Peter Sheppard Skaerved wanted to play the award-winning violin at the Royal Music Academy and executed the same piece with both this innovative violin and a very precious Stradivari. In the end, he could not tell the winner but was impressed by the former harmonic richness. It follows that a number of composers are thinking, with him, of a score.

The yound designer has now his own start-up which aims at developing innovative material for acoustic instruments and support pieces. 
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