1 1 1 1 New Dialogues between Glass and Perfume at Palazzo Mocenigo In line with the permanent activities dedicated to perfume, Palazzo Mocenigo now presents a project that narrates the centuries-old relationship between perfume and the artistic excellence of Murano glass. It is a modular and multi-faceted exhibition that traces the evolution of the two main and most ancient applied arts of Venice: glass blowing and perfumery. This exhibition describes their development up to the modern era, becoming the natural interpretation of the city’s contemporary spirit. The creation of value: this is the core element of this initiative. Such value is both born and embodied within the structural processes of the creation: 12 Murano master glass blowers from the Consorzio Promovetro – managing authority for the Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark – create 12 masterpieces (1 exemplar per creation), each with its own unique value. The master glass blowers work with 12 designers: 6 junior designers from the IED design institute and 6 senior designers from different creative sectors. Beginning 15 March, each master glass blower worked with a designer. Subsequently, the master perfumers of The Merchant of Venice presented the relevant 12 exclusive fragrances. These fragrances will perfectly interpret the masterpieces and the history of artistic manufacturing that, over the years, have become the identity matrix of Venice. The overall exhibition serves to re-propose the museum’s existing display of Murano glass perfume bottles, one already enhanced with other collections. These masterfully created bottles – from different eras, made by different techniques, and featuring different finishes – are lasting testaments to the continuing importance to perfumers of discovering prestigious containers that will give a shape to the intangible. Crowning this initiative will be numerous other events and parallel activities. On 8 October 2016, this initiative will officially conclude with an auction held in the IED design institute at Palazzo Franchetti in Venice. On auction will be the 12 masterpieces, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Palazzo Mocenigo Museum.

http://mocenigo.visitmuve.it/en/mostre-en/mostre-in-corso-en/glass-and-perfume-exhibition/2016/04/16653/new-dialogues-between-glass-and-perfume/ />

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