1 1 1 1 New (led) light on Bellini's Masterpiece 500 years after the death of Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini (Venice, c. 1430-1516), also known as "Giambellino", a unique cultural project named "Light on Giovanni Bellini" is under way, (curated by the Polo Museale of the Region of Veneto, the same Region of Veneto with the support of the Querini Stampalia Foundation and the coordination of the Fondaco), celebrating this anniversary by bringing light, technology, innovation and permanent valorisation to the masterpieces.
From Friday 28 Ocotber, in the dark chapel of the Church of San Francesco della Vigna three small leds of different shades will give back the right light to the painting "Virgin with Child between Saints Giovanni Battista, Francesco, Girolamo, Sebastiano, 1513), considered one of the most beautiful and significant of the painter.
In a short while, in the historical centre, led technology will light up other three masterpieces by the "Giambellino": in the Church of San Giovanni Crisostomo " The Altarpiece with Saints Girolamo, Cristoforo and Ludovico da Tolosa", in the Church of San Zaccaria the "Madonna with Child, Saints and a playing angel", in the Basilica of Saints Giovanni and Paolo "The Altarpiece with Saints Sebastiano and Cristoforo".

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