1 1 1 1 New light to the two portals at Palazzo Ducale The consumers put a few cents, some more were put by the supermarket, others the producing company and the game, or rather, the restoration, is done.
This is the philosophy of enterpreneur Paolo Tamai, owner of "Gli Orti di Venezia" with headquarters in Mira. He produces salads in a bag to sell to the supermarkets and part of the profit was put toward the restoration of the two Portals of the Golden Staircase of Palazzo Ducale. 
Eight months of work at a cost of €38,500 + VAT: the businessman fetched the money thanks to two collaborations, the first one with Eataly and the second with Condad, Sma e Tosano.
The marbles of the Square Foyer have therefore been given a new light thanks to the intervention carried out to clean the layers deposited throughout the centuries on the articulated surfaces characterised by high-relieves. It has been carried out with a chemical system and using particular waxes.
Mr. Tamai is happy: "This way our products end on Eataly's counters and the area's supermarkets thus involving a large collectivity that, 0.10€ after 0,10€, from Verona to Brescia, managed to restore a small part of Palazzo Ducale without recurring to patronages.

Palazzo Ducale
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