1 1 1 1 Of fire and water: Fabrizio Plessi's summer at La Fenice Theater

The art of Fabrizio Plessi shows a commitment to formal research taken to the extreme and an intellectual solidity that reaches a synthesis in primordial elements, especially water and fire. Since decades, Plessi anticipated the future trends of video art back in days when the mere mentioning of video art seemed an improbable hazard. When a few months ago he was offered the Fenice Theater for a new exhibition, he decided to celebrate it with a homage. Plessi admires the theater and the idea that an archetypal element, fire, once tore it down to ashes simulated his creativity. Like the archaeologist brings back to light hidden treasures, Plessi created a meta-theater from the same elements that substantiate it: plaster moulds have been taken out of their wooden boxes like fossils that show the theater's décor that was. The red of fire and the blue of water alternate and embrace the theatre in death or salvation. A labyrinth of theater pieces takes us to the rebirth of the theater from its own ashes. An important chance to see a great artist direct the creative influences that are lights, emotions, art. A homage to creativity and to the power of a container that becomes content by an artist that know how to house-break the elements.

Fenix Dna by Fabrizio Plessi
25th July - 6th August 7 p.m. La Fenice Theater

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