1 1 1 1 Palazzo Ducale's low relieves fully restored For centuries it was dust-covered. Today, after a five month-restauration, it has now gone back to its rich splendour. It is one of the monumental entrances to the public halls situated at the very top of the Golden Staircase at Palazzo Ducale.
The intervention was entirely financed by the company "Venice's Greens" in collaboration with Eataly. This is the first restauration work for the XVI century's portal that takes to the Square Hall/Entrance which used to be the main gathering hall for the Venetian governants at the time. The ceiling is wooden-carved and hosts some of Venice's most famous art masterpieces (e.g Tintoretto). The restauration involved a thorough cleaning of the high-relieves cut from the white Istria stone whose historical and military scenes evoque power, military strength, wisdom and justice.
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