1 1 1 1 Roberto Barni on the human condition at the cloiser of the National Archives "I love love, and art is the most extraordinary thing that men have in dowry," says Roberto Barni, a Florentine artist (he was already present in three Biennale Exhibitions in Venice 1980-'84-'88), at the presentation of his works in the cloister of the State Archives. Four exposed sculptures that form a scenic space (the event has been organised by the Poggiali Gallery in Florence): they are human beings whom he carved: he put them on the cross in "Walk on the Cross"; or they are mute, supporting a horizontal plane, in "mute act"; men with the head turned alternately up and down in a totem, in "Double Controversy". Symbols of an anonymous, servile, alienating human condition. Dramatic. Medardo Chiapponi writes on them in "Controversy". In the end, as for the bronze and gold one in "Golden Wounds": "I threw them in a basket," says the Tuscan artist. "We live in an era where everyone thinks of success. There can be no more, we should instead aspire to the failure of a Van Gogh, which has allowed him to do great things"

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