1 1 1 1 Roberto Kusterle: His Spose del Mare at Caffé Florian Starting about 30 years ago, Caffé Florian has been inviting an artist to re-imagine, re-stage one of the Caffé's halls with a site-specific installation. Roberto Kusterle Gorizia, 1948), was chosen for the 2016 even, which always runs from the beginning of a Biennale Art/Architecture. His Spose del Mare (the Sea's Spouses) is a dreamlike journey to discover the myth of Venice and its indisoluble bond with the Adriatic Sea. Kusterle evokes ancestral memories and distant mythology, whose research shows mastery  and fantasy. A director, sculptor, decorator, costume-maker, make-up artist, and, lastly, a photographer. His techniqued is that of staged photography and his shell-like women seem to come from the great stage of life. Curator: Stefano Stiptivich

Caffé Florian
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