1 1 1 1 S.O.S Sottsass Olivetti Synthesis The Negozio Olivetti (Olivetti Store) in Piazza San Marco, a piece of the FAI (Fondo Ambientale Italiano, Italian Envrionment Fund), has been temporarily turned into an office: desks, drawers, folders, and office miscellanea populate the beautiful space designed by Carlo Scarpa. Made in the Olivetti Synthesis factory in Massa in 1973, they are the individual components of revolutionary office furnishing system Synthesis 45, from the 45-centimetre base modules, a creation of Ettore Sottsass. Functionality, clean design, modularity, and colour make it possible to personalize office spaces. Exhibition S.O.S Sottsass Olivetti Synthesis and industrial film Olivetti Synthesis 45/80 present a face of interior design, modern Rationalism and traces of post-modern design.

S.O.S Sottsass Olivetty Synthesis, Piazza San Marco
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