1 1 1 1 Save Venice will restore Carpaccio: €1m for St.Ursula's Stories
Figures that pack balconies and bridges, arrivals and departures of ambassadors, public figures and even 11,000 virgins to compose a rich choral tale vivid with a great number of details on Renaissance life. It is the magnificent pictorial cycle of "Saint Ursula's Stories) by Vittore Carpaccio, the narrator-painter, one of the most iconic of the Academy Galleries.
Realized by the venetian painter between 1490-1495, the nine teleros, yellowed and in precarious preservation conditions, are the object of one of the most important resoration works in Italy at the moment: €1m totally provided by the private association Save Venice, a group of generous supporters who care about the artistic heritage preservation of Venice (although not only).
While the painting is under restoration, a video connection installed in the hall hosting the cycle will allow the visitors to follow the work in progress and be part of such important initiative to give new life to the canvasses who tell the story of the Breton princess promised in marriage to an English prince and killed with her procession of 11,000 virgins by the Huns masked as Turks. The painting was probably commissioned by the Loredan family and was originally located in the Basilica of SS John and Paul.

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