1 1 1 1 The 2017 Biennale collateral events bring worldwide artists to Venice The Venice Visual Arts Biennale (this year titled "Viva Arte Viva") is approaching, from 13 May, with vernissage scheduled in the previous three days, and entrusted to the French curator Christine Macel. The Biennale Foundation, chaired by Paolo Baratta, reported these days the list of collateral exhibitions that will bear the official symbol of the Winged Lion. An exhibition panorama that will expand to the entire city, with major presences.

The multifaceted Iranian artist Shirin Neshat best known for her work in cinema, video and photography, in particular, analyzes  the difficult social conditions within the Islamic culture, with particular attention to the role of women. Neshat will be present, from May 10 at the Correr Museum with the exhibition "The Home of My Eyes", which presents a cycle of photographs made in 2015 and yet unseen in Europe.

Another significant presence in the exhibition spaces of the Academy, from May 13, is  Philippe Guston, a Canadian painter in the palmarés of the top exponents of Abstract Expressionism.

The Space Louis Vuitton near Piazza San Marco will instead be reserved from May 13 to Pierre Huyghe, a versatile French artist who has long worked on the importance of the image understood as a sign.

Back in the lagoon for the Biennale is Jan Fabre, a Belgian artist, choreographer and director; after having occupied a few years ago with his provocative works and camouflage the Scuola Grande della Misericordia, the artist will do the same this time at the San Gregorio Abbey, with a retrospective of the last thirty years, "Glass and Bones Sculptures 1977-2017".

Long gone are the days when a great artist and behavioural performere, like the American James Lee Byars, who died some time ago, was performing outside the Biennale, as not yet "admitted" in the art world, with memorable performances, like the one with a golden ball under the big ball of Punta della Dogana. He is now back with full honors with his "Golden Tower", the big golden cake already seen on other occasions, that will be exhibited in Campo San Vio (from 13 May).

Arte Povera today revisited by Michelangelo Pistoletto will be featured in an installation (from May 10) in the Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore on the same island.

Moscow's Pushkin Museum of Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel (from 13 May) will present the exhibition "Man as bird" (imagese of journeys) which includes the works of 14 Russian and foreign artists around the theme of travel.

From Macau Wong Cheng Pou exhibits his works begenning May 13 in the exhibition spaces of the Arsenale Tana Field, in the exhibition "A bonsai of my dream", which starts from a review of the plant composition of oriental origin.

The Church of St. Catherine in Cannaregio will stage the Scottish artist Rachel Maclean with his film "Spite Your Face" which also touches on the issue of fake news. While for Wales James Richards at the Santa Maria Ausiliatrice Church (from May 13) creates video and extremely complex installations where image and sound come together creating real environments where the visitor "live" during his exhibition.

Ryszard Winiarski is the Polish artist who pursues a very personal form of spatialism star of the exhibition "Event-Information-Image" to be held from May 13 Palazzo Bollani.

But the list of exhibitions sponsored by the Biennale is long and includes, for example, the "Venice is not seen" of Catalonia, from May 13 at Castello's Cantieri Navali and the exhibition of Swiss artists Salon Suisse; "Ataraxia" to be proposed, by the same date, at Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi, where the headquarters of the Swiss Institute of Culture in Venice has its seat. Or, to stay home our Alberto Biasi, Sara Campesan, Bruno Munari and other friends of Verification 8 + 1, in the exposition scheduled at the Galleria Bevilacqua La Masa in Piazza San Marco (but only from 28 July).
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