1 1 1 1 The House of Life of Hadassa Goldvicht: 9 May - 26 November 2017 at the Querini Stampalia Foundation Curated by Amitai Mendelsohn, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, The House of Life a poetic and expansive installation by Hadassa Goldvicht, explores themes of historical memory, the threshold between life, death, myth, and art. And the rapidly changing nature of Venice, via a multi-channel video work.

Presented by the Israel Museum, Jerusalem in collaboration with Meislin Projects, the exhibition follows the 86-year-old Aldo Izzo, once the captain of a large merchant vessel and now the guardian and keeper of the Jewish cemeteries in Venice. Goldvicht’s work often takes as its subject intimate conversations with members of a community or institution, unraveling language and gesture to reveal socially and politically charged content.

The exhibition invites visitors to encounter different realms of Izzo’s life through fragments of conversations between Izzo and Goldvicht that took place over the course of four years in his home and in the cemetery, to images from his diary – a kind of captain’s log that he kept throughout the years and that is both personal and historical. Izzo’s home and the cemetery merge, becoming interchangeable and mirroring the way he seamlessly inhabits two worlds. It is through the multilayered figure of Aldo Izzo that the essence of Goldvicht’s artistic journey is revealed. Through Izzo’s lifelong work in preserving the memory of the dead and through Goldvicht’s artistic intervention in it, the cemetery becomes a house of life. Thus, Izzo can be seen as a personification of the artistic process itself – the quest for an afterlife.   

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