1 1 1 1 The Scala del Bovolo and its Treasures Double inauguration, Thursday 30 June, for the Scala del Bovolo, the highest tower which offers the most beautiful views over the historical center and beyond. At 10.30 the official opening with the autorities, while from 18.30 access is allowed for the (invited) guests. The brick building, built around 1499 but with its three curved logge, is considered a monument of transition between the gothic and renaissance styles. From 1 July an important news: from the first loggia of the staircase the public will have access to a hall where selected paintings are on exhibit (they all belong to IRE a public assistance institution of religious and charitable character), such as a sketch for a major work at Palazzo Ducale ("Il Paradiso"). Many private individuals have donated important works of art, most of them of religious character and highlighting the three cardinal virtues.
Entrance is €8 and free for under 12 and Venetian residents.
Open every day (10-13; 14-18) except Tuesdays.

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