1 1 1 1 The Thyssen-Bornemisza Foundation: first steps toward San Lorenzo's ex-Church The Swiss-Spanish Fundation Thyssen Boremisza will open its own museum/exposition/research pole, dedicated in particular to contemporary art, in the premises of the former church of San Lorenzo, two stones away from Saint Mark's square.

It was 2015 when the archduchess Francesca Von Haubsburg, presiding the institution, won a call for the destination of this magnifcent space. At the time it was former Major Mr. Orsoni who headed the municipality during the assignation process; the end result has been confirmed and sustained by the actual Major Mr. Brugnaro.

The contract foresees nine years of usage where any cultural activity may be foreseen together with exhibitions and prestigious initiatives.

The Church of San Lorenzo was originally built in the year 1000 but was then significantly modified before the year 500 and subsequently toward mid-800.

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