1 1 1 1 The unmissable 5 of the 2017 Biennale Art exhibition Philip Guston and The Poets
Academy Galleries
10 May - 3 September 2017

Night Studio (2016), the biography of Philip Guston written by his daughter Musa is a great book telling the life of a cult painter out of the chorus without pretending to be a father model. A socialist muralist, later renowned abstractionist in New York after the war, in 1970 Guston scandalized the critic, returning to a cartoon-like, rough-figurative style, stigmatizing the Nixon years and the white KKK caps. The exhibition celebrates his passion for contemporary poetry and Italian painting of the Renaissance, obsessively studied in the books during his youth and later on in the real world after winning the coveted Prix de Rome in 1948.

Carol Rama
Space even more than time
Palazzo Ca 'Nova
May 8-June 28 2017
One of the benefits of being a woman artist, as explained by Guerrilla Girls in a celebrated 1988 feminist manifesto, is "knowing that your career may take off after the age of 80". Carolee Schneemann, who climbed the limelight in '64 with the Meat Joy performance and this year with the Biennale Golden Lion career award has gone well: she is only 78. In 2003, when it was Carol Rama's turn (1918-2015), the artist from Turin was 85. Her paintings, drawings and collages, where eroticism, celebration of female sexuality, fantasy and intelligence run on a free wheel, have finally been cleared. If you missed the recent retrospective at the GAM museum  of Turin, or the one in progress at the New Museum in New York (until September 10), you can recuperate with this Venetian anthology, promoted by the Rama Archives.

Pae White
Cini Foundation, San Giorgio Maggiore
May 12-November 30 2017
A 75-meter-long and 2,4-meter- high wall consisting of thousands of hand-wrought, transparent and colored glass ingots assembled thorugh an ordere defined by an analgorithm. Inspired by the natural meanders of a California canyon, White's installation commissioned by The Glass Rooms, seems to evoke much more threatening artificial walls (and borders). In situ, another show on the subject: Hector Sottsass: glass (until July 30).

The Venice That You Do not See / Unveiling the Unseen Arsenale shipyards
13  May - 26 November 2017.
Working for months in collaboration with blind students  from IUAV and Ca'Foscari University and volunteers from local associations, Catalan artist Antoni Abad has created an indefinite sound map of Venice, composed of voices, stories and environmental recordings. It's for everyone: just have an iPhone and an Android where to download the free BlindWiki App and carry with you the desire to get drifted. Boat trips with blind guides are also available on request, booking is necessary (blindwiki.com/venezia, tel. +39 3425005393, Catalonia pavilion).

Samson Young
Songs for Disaster Relief
Campo della Tana
13 May - 26 November 2017
The location, in front of the Arsenale entrance, is strategic. Young has already been noted as an ascending sound artist, and not just in Hong Kong, with abrasive works and performances where music and sound become instruments of political reflection. In Venice, a new cycle of video and installations based on charity singles, hits such as We Are The World, which climbed all top-tens in the 1980s, between entertainment and the collateral damages of globalization (Hong Kong Pavilion).

La Biennale 2017
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