1 1 1 1 Tintoretto, Tiepolo, Canaletto: the Querini Stampalia Foundation the treasures of Carive It begins today and then descends into the well of history and time, with Arturo Martini and Alberto Viani and Domenico Tintoretto. The excursus will develop through six centuries of art history will be set up at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice and will make available to the public the important artistic and cultural heritage of the collections of the Cassa di Risparmio (bank, also known as CARIVE) of Venice, from 2014 belonging to Intesa Sanpaolo following the assimilation of the Carive to the Parent Company. The collections comprise three distinct collector cores - works of art and furnishings, Venetian library, numismatic collection - acquired by the bank since its foundation in 1822 and enriched in the twentieth century, also with purchases from the Biennale and Bevilacqua la Masa.

From Tintoretto to Tiepolo, from Canaletto to Ippolito Caffi, the Carive collection consists of 65 paintings and sculptures, 79 drawings and various furnishings, from the XV to XX century; a library that includes very rare editions of the Venetian press history from the 15th to the 19th centuries.

The exhibition is scheduled for spring 2018, while the agreement between Intesa Sanpaolo and Fondazione Querini Stampalia was formalized last February: the bank grants this asset for 20 years, renewable, to Querini Stampalia; Intesa Sanpaolo undertakes to bear the costs related to the restoration, the transfer of the collections and the preparation of dedicated spaces. The Foundation will take care of custody, curatorship and management, ensuring its preservation and full accessibility to the public and students.

The outfitting is signed by Michele de Lucchi, Giovanna Nepi Sciré is the curator. A path that will open with a room entirely dedicated to the history of collections, also with multimedia tools, and will be introduced at the entrance by Viani's black female torso. The path continues through the "portico" dedicated to Martini, with the two large concrete statues depicting the "Allegory of the Sea" and the "Allegory of the Earth". Walking through a lump of rooms, from the colored walls on the basis of the paintings and furnishings that they host, will meet, between trumeau, consoles and mirrors, a self-portrait and a night of Caffi; some tiepolesque sheets and a corpus of 73 diesgni of William and Beppe Ciardi; "The Grand Canal Verso Cannaregio" and "The Grand Canal from Health to the Basin of San Marco" by Canaletto; The "Universal Judgment of Giambattista Tiepolo and the "capricious inventions" by Giambattista Piazzetta, Sebastiano and Marco Ricci.

The end of this history well remands to the XVI century paradise model for the Palazzo Ducale by Domenico Tintoretto and always by Tintoretto an intense "Portrait of Ambassador" emerging from a dark background.
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