1 1 1 1 Touch string_Cellos and technology Focus on cellos at the 61st International Contemporary Music Festival. An entire day, Tuesday 3rd October, entirely dedicated to the cello as a solo instrument. The choice is due to peculiar contemporary lunguistic investigation, and in particular to the sophisticated technological implementation in the compositional practice of the works we are going to listen to. The need to broaden the scope of acoustic instruments originated at least in part in Béla Bartòk's quartets, composed between 1909 and 1939, where musical explorations embed such instrument originated noise as the hitting of the instrument itself. It is with electro-acoustic technology that we see an intensification of compositional research. In Italy, with Pietro Grossi and Teresa Rampazzi. Three interpreters are involved in this project: Michele Marco Rossi, opening at Ca' Giustinian with Kottos by Iannis Xenakis, followed by Séverine Ballon with An Ocean Beyond Earth and other four pieces in their Italian première, and by Arne Deforce with two multi-channel pieces. Why is creativity influenced by technological advancement? Technology evolves so quickly, making it seemingly impossible to identify genres; thus, it begs the question: does music still need musical languages?

Article by Andrea Oddone Martin published in :VENews 09/2017
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