1 1 1 1 Unpublished by Vivaldi discovered by Fondazione Giorgio Cini The discovery was, say, casual. It was enough to take a look at the digital archives of the Dresden National Library and soon the "surprise" materialized. The careful eye of an English scholar like Michael Talbot did the rest. And the score came out. A small thing, but of great importance. Rubbed as a work by Baldassarre Galuppi, Talbot went a little bit further and revealed the arcane: that "Laetatus Sum" for strings and choir was not of the famous Buranello, but of Antonio Vivaldi.
An important rediscovery for the heart of the work of the composer who ended up in the Galuppi folder in the German Library following the subterfuge of a Venetian Iseppo Baldan, who at that time released the piece of the "Red Priest" as Galuppi's."Laetatus Sum" will now be re-released on May 5, at the Church of the Pietà in Venice, where Vivaldi worked and became the protagonist. "We are really proud of this result," said Maria Laura Faccini, president of the Institute of Piety, "And we are honored to be a world première.

To direct this song,maestro Francesco Fanna who on Thursday, April 20, presented the Digital Archives of the Cini Foundation at San Giorgio, revealing the backdrop of the discovery after Dresden had put all his catalogs online. And this was the starting point for telling a big project of digitization party since 2014 that is involving the Venetian Foundation on an "open source" platform that has allowed to "scan" so far 376,000 documents (of which 60,000 can already be consulted Online at http://archivi.cini.it/cini-web/), but aims to computerize a wealth of 5 million documents distributed in 90 literary, epistolar funds, as well as documents, photographs, and books. In short, an extraordinary database that is progressively available to scholars, researchers, enthusiasts and curious. And just these new digital archives have made it possible to make use of many vintage photographs, such as those of Nino Rota, gallerist Carlo Cardazzo, actress Eleonora Duse, just to name a few, with confidential letters, judgments , Scores, personal documents. In short, a great galaxy of information to which all the institutes of the Cini Foundation (Teatro e Melodramma, Venetian Society and State, Music, Art History and the Vianello Archive on glass, and the Vivaldi Institute ).

An operation made possible thanks to the membership in the Replica Project in collaboration with the Lausanne Polytechnic in Switzerland, which, with a sophisticated 360 degree scanner, is able to photograph any type of material. Finally, the project of cataloging and digitizing the materials of the Photographic Library of the Institute of Art History, which, with one million images, is one of the main reference points for research at national level and international.

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